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have thats same than wall soap holder has here, but not has filter i load file.
only mydel_podstawka_v2 and , delniczka what mean but open whit cura and i think now have same size filter here, all other show same.
only need wait 2 different colour filament now then can run test. but wery longtime go, 8-9 hour my setting, i no know what need change come fasten and good guality. printer have new anet A8 and i has print only 3 parts now, but filament end, has only box 10M fila, and orden now more. i need wall holder, because my shower tube have 18,5mm and not have any good file what can use.if scale all come wery small size but hole have right size, i mean my bad english, other has wall holder and here have maybe same box but here have filter and wall holder not has filter. think use this filter in box, and wall holder box.