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Unfortunately this forum will not allow me to post a pic to show you the orientation but turn the part as though you were mounting it upside down to where the top edge is down on your bed and the threaded rod collar is pointing upwards. This will still require supports but only for the Rod collar. It will print the C-Clamp area open and no supports will be needed in the C part of the Piece. It takes a while to print in this orientation as I have printed it several different ways.

The best for me is printing it flat and using supports between the faces. With the proper supports it is really easy to remove them using a pair of needle nose pliers just grab one piece and pull and the rest just zig zag pulls out like a long thread. I have printed over 20 of these kits so far for U3D Printing Store and it was less than two minutes each for me to remove the supports.

Hope that helps and best of luck as I enjoyed creating this in hopes that everyone gets better prints.