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Worked perfectly on a Monoprice Maker Select v2 (Micro Swiss all-metal hotend, slotted cooling block, machined lever/extruder plate, glass build plate, Z brace).

I re-sliced it in Cura at 200% scale and made another one that's 8 times the size (i.e. a 100% scale version is the size of one section of the one I printed). Tried with no support but the hinges didn't stay in place. Ended up using concentric supports and it printed perfectly. Great if you've got bigger hands and a lot of patience -- took just over 38 and a half hours to produce using the wonky settings I used.

I printed both with black Hatchbox PLA at 195 degrees with a 75 degree build plate. Original size had 0.1mm layer height and 25% grid infill. Larger one had 0.15mm layer height and 20% cubic infill.