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I'm still in the process of putting my truck together but i got it running for the first time yesterday.
i'm working on the body right now and i noticed a slight problem with the Body02.stl, and body02-windows.
there are a few areas in the body where the model is too thin and you get holes when slicing the model.
on the body02 file the door panel gap lines at the bottom and bottom center cause holes in the slicer layers because they are too narrow.
I filled in a corrected model on my end thickening the bottom of the doors .5mm per side to stop the issue.
the body02 windows file has some more issues besides the same door gap issue it has some areas at the roof and top of the door frames being too thin and causing slicer issues. i noticed all this with .2mm layers.

i also beefed up the servo saver a little bit i felt the included hardware with the servo
could of been used better so i just changed the servo to arm mount making it a little bigger to use 2mm hex head bolts tied to the circular servo arm so you get a better stronger mount with minimal changes to the design