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I went with the changes to the model, the extra .5mm per side thankfully fit my old NIMH 4000mill amp battery perfectly without stressing the sides of the body at all. I just finished the cab this morning took about 12 hours to print. should have it painted up and see if i have some decals laying around for it.

I was afraid my printer was going to have a bridging issue with the door gap and i didn't want to take a chance on such a long print to have it go wrong in the middle.


I love the truck thanks again for making it.

I'm going to test out the new servo saver the only change is to the base that attaches to the arm everything else is the same.
I added some spacers to the steering arms to move them out a little maybe i will make little PLA spacers to replace the extra 2mm nuts i'm using. if i works out well i'll see about posting a re-mix.

I want to try printing the tires with ninjaflex as well.