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What you think about swapping out the screen with a "opensource" one? and maybe even swap out the board with a marlin one and write custom firmware? I'am just throwing out idea's. I think the TFT Touchscreen is the weakest part of this printer. And I have a feeling just replacing this touchscreen with the same one isnt going to work well...

When you got a standard monochrome screen like the ultimaker, CR-10 and many other printers you can just swap it out since there are tons of suppliers. for those rotate / press knobs there are tons of suppliers too.

The CR-10 is in my view "opensource" if you flash the bootloader / oprom with the latest marlin you got a "opensource" printer.

Please correct me if i'am wrong. I print since 3d printers exist but I'am a guy that has hardware knowledge. but our guys are keeping the printers clean and running.

Maybe I don't even need an opensource printer since I never uploaded custom firmware to the ultimakers. BUT i'am a guy that likes to repair electronics without throwing it away since we live in a throw away society... I'd like to fix it and use it.

Edit: what about the images? is it possible to read out the code like resolutions / pixels and coordinations of maybe icons or not.