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Hmm we can start by emailing info@logictechno.com on the exact model of ELT035-1being used on anycubic i3 mega, as there are many version based on the given onboard flash memory. Then we can perhaps order a developer kit to dig in the files from ELT_SW and further progress with the core files if Anycubic has in anyway altered it structurally and what has been left out.If the BmpDataBin is available then we can, in theory, recover all our BMP and the associated code it passes.Then its a open chest to progress from there on.

Indeed it looks to be a long start, but let's at least make a multipronged coordinated effort with both Anycubic and Logic, if all anycubic I3 Mega users stick it up,iam sure Anycubic would yield and they also would stand to be commercially benefitted by it