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It is a complete sod to slice. You need at least 8gbs of ram to pull it off under windows 7.
I have 4 lol
managed to finally get it sliced by setting simplify3d visualisation to Basic.
And printing at 0.24 layer height. Any lower layer heights just crashed the system. It will print at 0.3, but figgered as I was printing it very fast, i'd keep the higher resolution.
I was also shooting for the record print speed.
Ran it at 150mm/s, 2 bottom layers, 3 top and 3 perimeters. 15% infill.
Took 8 hours, 49 minutes with flashforge filament and my he3d k200 delta printer :-)
Printed great, had a very few spider strands that a couple minutes with a bendy straw sorted. All four runs work great with 9.5mm ball bearings.
Currently printing the other three parts.
printing them at 0.16 layer height and 100mm/s speed as they need to be a bit more precise to fit well together :-)
Total print time for the entire machine will be 11 hours and 40 minutes. Used just over 300gms of filament :-)
I'll post a made post when it's all together.

Anyone done it quicker ?

I also have a lot of 6.5 mm ball bearings.
I see a mini version in the near future !

Looks like i can knock a complete (all 4 parts) one out at 68% size in just under 5 hours that will work with the 6.35mm ball bearings :-)
Looks like a plan for tonight :-)