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i has ost this other here too, just adding sensor to anet a8, c-lin pl-08N.
8mm npn sensor, wires have .brown ,
i test breadboard this first. what wire have what. and soldening connector wires.
now have addin in anet,
brown come anet 5 volt.
blue come anet GND.
black come out signal. 4,4volt measure. working fine and sense level.

now have proplem how caliprate and make good right position at bed, first tes has basic skynet 232 fix file and move home working fine but then go under table and broken all fast must take power off.
table size i change in confugurationm.h ok,and come error no reach sensor ,too big somethink.
i no remember what i try change but now working but wrong blace and nozzle go after home to -12.49 x 79 y 93 say display. wrong place, why go to this position ?
i want go home, sensor sense home Z position x=59 (sensor left front) manual at dispaly i move this position and display say, x 59 y 54 Z -22,49 sensor led light just. this is good point start after home 0,0,sensor sense level home. but how i say to conficuration.h and were this point ? now have other wrong point.
and need me make somethink gcode too at cura start code and end code area.
but firt i think need make confugure.h good. but no know how.
what row need change ?
offset what this mean ? what need make ? motion menu have.
today has try change conf file manytime all day. hard and longday has.but anythink not move sensor other place.
bed size i must change x max 220,X min 57,y max 217 (because have new X belt tension and bigges value crash to head)
y min 57, z 0. but no go this position ewerytime autohome go x 79 y 93, Z -12,49 i no understand
and error come i must change x right probe 198, left probe 57,y front probe 57, y back probe 181 (biggest value infor error no reach sensor) this is minimum. what can add here.
why have many different limit and i no know what is what and mean were.