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Thanks for the kind words.
I have not figured out yet how to turn the STLs here so that they are presented in the orientation that I printed them. (pointers? I'd much rather have them shown in the suggested orientation) So unfortunately they are shown as they appeared when uploaded.

In my personal experience if I have to move a part by degrees I almost never end up with it flat on the build plate. I use "place surface on bed" in simplify 3d to make sure the part is flat to the bed. I print all of my parts in the way that I think best deals with the weakness of the z-axis and to minimize supports. For the inside feet on this model I printed them with the flat side and one hook on the bed (support between the two hooks, forgot about that in my earlier reply) so that the Z layers make a complete "C" of the hook. If it were printed in any other orientation, in my opinion, the hook of the inside foot would be very weak.
I used the same philosophy on other parts, most were printed without supports.