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Hi, it either does not like upscaling(a big model, wanted to print it 300mm tall) or it does not like Cura.

Firstly, I have upscaled it to 300mm and had to cancel after 13h of print as there was a massive crack on the height of lips(layers were held together only on his lips rest was detached).

I thought it could be a problem of tangled filament or something that caused under extrusion.

I decided to try once again and scaled it to 240mm tall and again there was a crack on the height of lips. It wasn't as serious as previous one(looks like just outer perimeter didn't lay down).

Printed on Creality CR-10, 0.3mm layer, 0% infill first model with Flashforge White PLA second on Prima Green PLA

I have posted my make so you can see what the issue was