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question... I see there is quite a lot of stepper motors. does it matter if it is bipolar or not and if they have dampers or not. I seem to have been fortunate to get more than I need in stepper motors but not sure which ones to use. also would like to how you put all the hot pads together? That seems to be the most expensive item for me to buy. I am considering this board, I dont know if it is wise option: Panucatt Azteeg X3 PRO 3D Printer Controller. I would like to make a 2400l x 1200w x 800h so I can make some very long items. I started purchasing the motors already and several hotend and extruders. I would like not to cut my self off from future mods by being too cheap. I assume you are use the nema 23 for the vertical. would I need to go bigger on the stepper or can I use one in the middle? would nema 23 be too small for the other axis? I see you are using carriages with wheels instead bearing blocks.. would bearing blocks be okay? Also with such long length, what diameter rods would you use? Also, does your printer go out of level easy at that size? thanks for any help.