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not knowing much about steppers motors out there, I actually won a lot of recycled steppers in both 17 and 23 at a super reasonable price. so, I guess I will eventually be savvy on both types. The heating pads on the bigger sizes or custom made pads where extremely expensive. I am wondering it a long coil heater will work work? there are a lot reasonable heating strips out there I have found but I dont know if it would make the bed have cold and hot spots?

I was wondering why you chose boxed aluminum? Pricing that out with V-Slot, I see that there is not much of a difference in cost. Why did you not chose V-Slot?

3 to 5mm is a lot of warp. Too much for making what I want. I wonder if I reinforce the plate with T-slot or Wide Vertical brace if it would reduce the expansion? I have huge amounts of steppers motors now, I wounder if I can use some of them to compensate the expansion then I will have to set up sensors to measure them in real time so it may be over doing it.

though I need to print out meter plus prints, I think I will start with 1200mm one like what you did and get experience from that before trying to make what I need. also, I may need to go to multiple heads printing same print on the bed but it may be better to go with multiple printers. The weight consideration may go the other way with too many heads. but I guess bowden long distance will be the way to go to limit weight on the print head.

I should be starting of the frame soon, I will send pics as I go. Thanks so much