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2017-09-03 Update

Hello everyone, thank you for your overwhelmingly positive feedback and interest in our Rubik's Cube Solving Robot!

We have just updated our web site with some images and instructions on servo calibration:


Also we have successfully tested our application on a Windows 10 PC, without Raspberry PI, and it worked beautifully. So there is absolutely no need for a Raspberry PI board, just plug the camera and servo controller directly into your PC. The PC version of the application will be available for public testing shortly.

And finally: we have received complaints that the 5 MP camera has become difficult to get hold of. A very similar 12 MP camera is readily available but our software needs to be updated to accommodate larger photos. We have already ordered this new camera, and as soon as it arrives, we will update the software and make an announcement here and on our web site.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here and via our web site if you have questions or need help.