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Thank you for your response. They get called either 5 string Viola or Violin. I guess there may be a mixture of widening the neck and also placing the strings slightly closer together (not sure). There are some cheap ones available on the net. I would think that a slightly longer neck might be in order too.
It's not me who's the musician, as an Engineer I needed some culture so I married it. Wife teaches Violin, Viola and Piano. When I showed her your Violin, it was the key selling point for getting her over the line for me to buy a 3D printer. I do have the free Sketch-up, however I now use the free version of Fusion 360 as I found it more intuitive for me. Anyway I have already started printing your Violin and have the Body Parts done (PLA 15% Infill). I will post it when I eventually finish it. I have a Carbon Fibre Rod in the shed out back (6mm?) so I might consider making some mods. Otherwise I'll start with the steel Rod and then go from there later.