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So I've been running with Marlin on the Trigorilla board for a week now and no real issue that couldn't be fixed by tweaking the firmware.
I traced the sensor wire that they installed in a half-assed way and made it function through the board for mesh leveling, no more DINDINDIN at a precision of +/-1000%.

It seams that for whatever reasons, the HUB board receives direct inputs from some sensors and relays their status to the board afterwards.
So I have to trace all the wires I need from the braid and connect them to their rightful place on the board to get rid of the TFT adaptor.

Fun Fact: I shorted my board while adjusting the DVR8825 stepper driver, that Vmot pin is really close to the GND pin.

2 options: Either micro-solder a replacement fuse (<0603>) or switch the board completely for any other random kind, MKD boards have a similar functionality than the built-in G5 command to restart print after power out.

It would be easier to rip out anything Trigorilla and replace it with a classic Marlin-compatible instead, but that doesn't solve the problem of having to figure out which cable is which in the braid.

Honestly, I think that in the end, only the i3 Mega frame will be left as original, if you don't count the drill holes, hmm, I mean speed holes that I made in it.