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Printed great, except for the "Centerring_and_locking_cone". That one has your name protruding out from the bottom, causing the part to be slightly in the air (S3D will place the bottommost part on the platform, so even through your name is under the 0.0 coordinate of the z-axis in the file, it'll be exactly on the axis in S3D). That ruined the print about one hour in, because the adhesion just wasn't there (and I didn't think to check the bottom of that part).

Personally I'd recommend you upload a new version of that file and delete the old one - it serves as a trap and nothing else (PS: I know there's a second file without the text, but I recommend you delete the old one, leaving just the fixed one. No need to leave the "broken" one up). No one can see your name of it's at the bottom of that part, and since it's protruding, it'll likely wear down very quickly - if it prints at all, because it makes contact with the bed in less than 10% of the area.

The rest is absolutely great and well done. Thanks.