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My i3mega randomly shut off the hot end/bed/ and extruder in the middle of a print, this started since I received the printer. It’s been about 20 days now. The printer would continue as if it was still extruding and printing, till the last layers done. Gantry would be up in the air with half printed pieces below it.

The printer does however show “Low e0 Temperature” on the bottom right where “SD card inserted” message usually appears. And continues printing in the air regardless.

Here are a list of things I checked:

  1. Wire connections were good, checked 3-4 times. Hotend carriage only
  2. Changed hot end to see if it’s thermistor error, that didn’t work.
  3. Changed SD cards (3 different brand name 1-2gb cards)
  4. Checked gcode files for failed prints, all appear fine when viewed on computer
  5. Opened up the base underside, checked all the cable connections. Unplug replug snug.
  6. Checked for electrical noise from nearby appliances, unplugged them all... and did a 6+ hour print, failed.
  7. Video recorded the random shut off. On the video it was seen the temperature did not drop or exceed the set ranges, in fact, hot end and print bed were 200c and 60c respectively just before both target temperatures were set to 0. ( meanwhile printer continues layinging layers without extruding.
  8. Have sent video, photo, and gcode files to anycubic team for review and diagnosis.
  9. Clean formatted SD cards default allocation size using fat32.
  10. Cura settings as per instruction/assembly booklet.

And lastly, I’ve repeated faild prints twice just to check if it would fail in the same layer/ area, and it didn’t, it’s completely random.

Then I proceeded to use that exactly SD card and put it in a different 3d printer, and it printed out fine.

So... I’m out of ideas

November 21st 2017 Update:
Anycubic support has agreed to send a replacement and urges for support on my end, so I agreed to buy a new Ultrabase with Al heating plate from their store to ship with the replacement board. I hope this will be the final nail in the coffin for my issues with the printer.

It also seems that the TriGorilla board is discontinued, so a new replacement will soon reveal itself.

December 21st, I’ve received the replacement board and have already done tests prints with 100% success. I’ve also been getting various PM from others that werent able to post to help them resolve issues with theirs.