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Hello mmemetea, I really like this design. I am excited to try it out but I ran into a small problem. I printed the MK7 version from here on thingiverse only to discover that my mk7 gear heads are not standard. They must be some cheap fakes. In any case I need to change the diameter of the gear head to 12mm with a gap of something small like .5 mm or .25 mm. Not sure on the Gap exactly. Is that a measure of how deep the groove is on the gear head? Because my gearhead has an OD of 12mm and the groove ID is 11.5. So the groove is only .25 mm deep Or does the gap variable refer to the gap between the extruder and the drive gear.

So I found your link here in the comments about the onshape doc with the variables and I changed the variables. Before I printed that file i noticed that the holes where the filament go through have been changed to groves or channels. I don't think that will work for soft filaments.

So I found your main file on OnShape that has the holes but it doesn't have variables.

I am not asking you to do the work for me but I would like your advise. How should I proceed? Should I make a copy of the main file with the holes and make my modifications from there or should I trust/change the other file with the variables?