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Hi. I really liked the design of your bolt-over part of this set, but noticed it would interfere with an additional upgrade of re-routing the heating bed wires without drilling. (which turns out to have been a remix of another of your projects as well) But as my skills with designing are limited at this time, I couldn't blend your gantry with the passive panel and opening I also plan on using. I tried, but I either ended up with an object that printed as 2 pieces, or with a print that printed 2 pieces together, despite my having combined them. Instead, I just took your bolt-over and removed a chunk of the plate to allow the wire re-route protrusion.

Eventually, I'm hoping to come back to this and at least add lines to allow the flow of air through to the plate behind it. I'm really hoping to figure out the combining process to make it one piece instead, but time will tell.


MP Select MiniX-Axis Gantry Support Bolt-Over