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I have the frame made with V-Slot. I am not doing a box like what you did. Using 2060 to make a square 1500mm by 1000mm. The vertical is 500mm but I am running 4 nema 23 to slide the horizontal vertical arms down the 1500mm length. I will use 2 nema 23 for each length; one on both sides of the 1500mm rail. I ended getting some 3amp Nema 23. that will be total 12amps to slide my vertical rail on the 1500mm V-slot. One side will have a pair Nema23 in parallel and the other side will have them also but running the other direction. I am guessing for 12 amps, I need to add an extra stepper relay to add more power for the Nema 23? Not sure how to do this? Do you recommend a relay device that is sold on ebay? also, I will be running two more nema 23 for the vertical, using one on each arm to run a screw ball. Not sure if I should run a nema 23 for the Y or use nema 17, did you have heat problems on the "Y"? I also acquired some 40mm fans and heat sinks mount on the nema 23. I did see a video and I need to find it again that tells you how to config. steppers efficiently to reduce heat. I guess the tech was explaining that the right config. on the stepper will reduce heat to some extent.
I will upload pictures soon, I have lots of question.. especially on the bed. I am using a t-slot frame to support the bed but aluminum plate at heater is so expensive. I am thinking of laying a thinner aluminum sheet to the T-slot and running heating cable mounted on the aluminum plate. On Top of the plate, I was going to use a heavier sheet of glass.. the heat temper stuff.. starts with a B? Borislate? and between the glass and the aluminum plate use a heat transfer compound to even out the glass plate as much as possible. Do not know if this will work but a heating coil is far less expensive than the silicone heating pads. There is a silicone heating strip that is much cheaper but I dont want to spend 2800 usd on a custom silicone pad. I just need to have a big enough power supply to run a heater coil. if the heat is too uneven, I think I can run a radiator made of copper tubing to spread the heat more evenly like radiant floor heating? Inbetween the copper coils, I can use very find sand as a heat sink. it may take it a while to heat up but it will stay warm much longer. An oven coil will produce enough heat but It will need a system to make heat transfer even. Also, will need to setup temp. controller. I just hope the T-slot can hold the heating system from wrapping? I image the glass will be expensive. maybe I can get away with 1/2 thick plate of glass? I think the corning ware ceramic stove tops spread heat well?

I am thinking of running smoothie instead of ramp boards. not sure the way to go yet?

Thanks for your help