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to be honest with you , yes you need a heated bed as its really necessary for printing as any material like pla , abs or other one like pc they request a heated bed , why heated bed ? because any plastic does shrink if not cooled properly and that will messed your time if you does print large scale with small printer and u will do it again and again ,plastic or pla or any soft materials like that , i have been using 3d printer for 2 years and heated bed and nuzzle is very very important as if the heated bed and the nuzzle dont much the temperature of cooling you printed model then things will get messy ,if you want to get large 3d printer things have a price and its expensive , its need special care , i recommend you do a wood box for it , hardware outside of the box and get a customized silicone bed as it use high voltage and low amps(mean it wont cost you bills like the low voltage and high amps one ) get aluminium bed and stick it under it and buy some heat isolation and place it under it like i did with mine and like this you will get the best 3d printer.

NOTE: heated bed the big one have direct plug for the power supply so you can adjust the temperature manual or if you good with electronics you can connect the relay trigger with your 3d printer to set auto temperature based on the g code