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Hrm, I sent you a PM to organize a method of communication and trouble-shooting. Attached are some copies of the gcode files we used for testing. The Husky file is intended for pen-drawing, so it wouldn't really do that great with the extruder set in, but if you detach that and just stick a sharpie or other marker in the gripper, it should work fine. Of note, these are customized for my arm lengths, so I can't promise that they'll come out properly scaled on every other printer (Should definitely be pretty close, though, arm section lengths don't really vary that much printer-to-printer).
Other than that, I'm wishing you the best of luck! Definitely looks like you put it together properly! We were doing some testing with a top right before I had to set the project down for a while, so I can't guarantee that it'll work out as you'd prefer. We were running into issues where the top and bottom were slightly differently sized from different printers, and that lead to 'pinching' along the guide rails, so your motors might struggle a little from that, depending on how accurate and consistent your printer is.