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Oh something else I thought of, I woudl say the biggest "risk" woudl be that lower end machines have more control over things like hotend temp, now thats great for tweaking purposes but if you have the cheaper PTFE line hot-end "throat" (the tube portion that the filament goes through in the hot-end) then setting the temperature too high (such as the upper temps for ABS) can cause it to "decompose" and there is a risk of it catching fire

the three solutions to that are: training,hardware,software

You can train people to know not to break the machine. You can get all-metal hot-end components. Or you can get machines that limit the amount of control over specific software settings, those are more the "pull it out of the box, hit print and you're good" type of machines, which are coincidentally the more common one's in university official labs/classes.