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Since it is a shit show down in the comments trying to find the information on how to best print this model, I will summarize what others have said in my comment and also toss in what I tried and my experience.

Others recommendation:

  • Print Height: .25 (Unverified - I tried .35 and it failed)
  • Infill: 0% (Verified that this helps a lot)
  • Supports: None
  • Brim: Nobody suggested it, but I did it since this is a long print.
  • Print standing up normally or upside-down (I printed upside down and it failed, but my temp might be too high and layer hight might be too big)
  • Plastics: ABS, PLA, PETG (Mine failed with ABS. Will try lower temp)

My experience:

Printer: Prusa i3mk2s
Plastic: Hatchbox ABS
Nozzle: 230
Bed: 100
Fan on 140 after layer 5 or 8 (The double side blowing fan shroud, not the stock one)
Slicer: Prusa Control
Material in slicer: Generic ABS (Adjusted to 230)
Quality: Draft (.35)
Infill: Hollow/shell
Support: None
Brim: on
Print orientation: Printed the lamp upside down then how it would be displayed (Hole facing up)


  • Mine failed the first time due to infill.
  • Failed second time due to Cura Brim working its way in to the middle of the brim instead of out. My slightly lower Z axis squshed the brim together until most of it lifted (Cura slicer, .25 layer height, 0 infill, 230-100, travel speed: 60 print speed: 120)
  • Was doing well but failed a third time again after I switched back to prusa control. It looked visually good, but those overhangs screwed up the filament. Lots of drooping. I cancelled it about 15% of the way through, and good thing I did. After I spatualed it off and took a look, it was 10 kinds of messed up. Droopy filament everywhere underneath.

Might try printing again standing up strait. But im getting tired of wasting filament. This site really needs a voting-print settings feature so people see the most popular recommended print settings for each plastic.