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Thank you both for your detailed and well thought out answers!

Between the whitepapers and "site setup sheets" from commercial and industrial grade printers and the guidelines from places like the NSTA, OSHA, and others there's plenty of applicable information out there to be found. I agree that the recent findings from the UL on the VOCs and micro-particles is likely the elephant in the room, but it's also new enough that the human health and safety studies haven't yielded an official recommendation yet... So at this time I'll just have to refer to it as a 'developing' story that we should all watch. I've also added content from my own experience with resin printing and the chemicals, lasers, solvents, etc. that are involved with some of those processes...

If I use any of your content, you'll be appropriately credited, and if there's a recording of the session, I'll post it here.
Thank you again for contributing!