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The high school that I teach at currently only has 3d printers for the technology and engineering department, and basically has the 3d printers is classrooms that were re purposed shop labs, so good ventilation already present. Occasionally the printer is out for demonstration, but usually outside of regular student spaces and teachers or students that have shown significant knowledge about the printers get to operate them. When we do demonstrations and students get closer to running machines we relate the idea of 3d printers as hot glue guns controlled by robots, since many of them have used hot glue guns they understand the hot end should be avoided. On our printers, we do not have heated beds (as much as that may annoy me) but we print is PLA so usually no big issue with warping.

When I was finishing my degree a few years ago my college had several labs where the 3d printers were in hooded enclosures, duel purpose for air filtration/circulation and heated environments and run by trained lab assistants. However I also saw clubs and on campus makerspaces that set up policies of training required for anyone to use the machines, particularly for higher volume/better featured printers and policies of no operation of the machines without attendance (either the operator or on duty- lab techs) which ends up limiting the size of the prints but I know that while policy was not always enforced well. This was a couple years ago and while the extent of the policy was not formal or universal among labs and makerspaces, like 3d printing itself policy and procedures was evolving.