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So far, our institution (university) does not have a policy. I got a laser cutter (highest risk and smell), 3D printers and a large embroidery machine.

I would like to know more about potential risks from manufacturers. We routinely print over night in our university offices. I have been doing this over the last 7 years (starting with RapMan and now using a Felix Pro that has a certified PowerSupply). My colleagues have cheap Dagoma Delta printers. I sometimes wonder what could happen to me if I start a fire...

So yes, "I hope nobody brings that up" ....

My bigger concern is plastic fumes. ABS is bad and I don't use it except for "cleaning" the hot end. In principle, PLA is harmless, but I REALLY do not trust the paint inside, in particular the one that can be found in the more expensive "glossy" PLA. I really miss information there ! I don't know about others, e.g. Nylon or Ninja Flex or PET. They are supposed to be harmless. In any case, I would not recommend using any 3D printer in a classroom without some precaution, e.g. open the windows now and then and only use "cheap" PLA with little paint inside.

Concerning training students: We show them how the machines operate and after we got a feeling that they "got it" let them use these alone. The major concern is that they can break things. Burns from a hot end are not life threatening, i.e. I do not consider 3D printers to be very dangerous (except maybe some plastic fumes). They are not allowed to leave the laser cutter unsupervised.