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Having just printed this I may be able to help. Here's what I did (after two failed attempts):

  • make sure you have some Z hop on retractions in your slicer settings (so any slight curl-up doesn't result in the nozzle knocking the model)
  • print reasonably cool, to help the overhangs
  • print with support on, although you may get away without it
  • shave about 2mm off the bottom of the model as printed (so the back of the skull) -- in Simplify3D I simply moved the model 2mm into the bed before printing
  • print with a brim of, say, 15 perimeters
  • make sure that brim is really ground into the bed by setting the nozzle height a little lower than usual -- so the brim is thoroughly squidged into the bed.

Mark (Seaside 3D)