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Just noticed that the "original poster" uploaded the missing files, i think he made a better job than me.
BUT ... i started to print 2 days ago my files and i´m happy with my things :)

The fins, the rudder and the propeller mount was printed:

Scale 0,95 (printer not able to print bigger)
Infill: 100% cause the items where weak with infill ~ 50%

I print @ 0,1 and speed 55 (first at 10) ... so the printer will need ~ 210h for ALL items but the quality will be fine :)

I have the electronics,the motor and everything here, and will try to mount everything when hull part 4&5 is ready.

Right now i have allready printed part 4 and now is part 2 running, cause of the same color! When Part 2 is ready, i will start part 5 soon ... my lime green is here waiting :)