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Hey thanks, i designed some bases in the hull_5_back, but didn´t uploaded it.
Will do this maybe today or tomorrow ...

I found a Motor Mount here (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353658) ... and i think i will adapt and remix it a bit.

Well ... the cooling is really a thing, maybe i´ll try sth. with water cooling :)

Right now i only have a "small" brushed motor wich (i hope) will not generate so much heat

At this moment Part 2 & 4 are printed ready, also the fins and mounts. I printed some test propellers, in a few different sizes. And now part 5 of the hull is printing (in lime green)

Tomorrow evening part 5 will be ready, than part 1 & 3 are missing -> ~ 50 Hours

RC motor holder