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Hello. Great post / thread. I have a Wanhao Duplicator I3 2.1 and am using S3D. I am used to Cura where I could pause the print, change filament color, and restart. Now with S3D, I pasted in the script as per below and all the print is doing is pausing correctly at the specified layer by moving to origin, but then restarts by going right back to where it stopped, presumably for the next layer, thus not allowing any parking of motor, changing of filament, etc. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Here is what I pasted into the script for say changing out the filament color at layer 10 (tried a larger layer height too but same thing):

{REPLACE "; layer" "M117 Layer"}
{REPLACE " Z = " " Z="}
{REPLACE "\nM117 Layer 10, Z=" "\nG1 X10 Y5\nM0\nM117 Layer 10, Z="}