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Interesting... i have a few ideas... try again the test cube, maybe 1"x1"x1". I saw your previous code, and i would suggest making some edits to ensure the least amount of things are happening.
First, i would not use G28 X0Y0 on your code, this may end up triggering the end stops more likely. My code uses G1 (move) X &Y close to the front, but just shy of triggering the end stops, that way the machine doesnt reset its location.
Second, i saw you have G92 E0, which may end up messing up your extrusion, i am not 100% sure since now we know your machine doesnt run Marlin like mines.

Third, when i take the old filament out, and i push the new one in, i tend to push enough so i "prime" the nozzle, and as soon as i wipe the tip, i hit continue. It then tends to go back and continue printing.... which doesnt give it time to ooze, and get an air pocket. Always get seamless prints.

**Remember, that the Extruder motor will be on HOLD (locked) so you must be pressing the extruder arm to release the pressure so you can move the filament in and out. (u more likely knew this.)

Try just this and see:

{REPLACE "; layer" "M117 Layer"}
{REPLACE " Z = " " Z="}
{REPLACE "\nM117 Layer 9, Z=" "\nG1 X5 Y5\nM25\nM117 Layer 9, Z="}