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Great info! I'll try this out tonite. Good suggestions. Here's the normal process I use. I setup the layer in the script where I want the print to pause, then save the gcode to the sd card (for now, getting Raspberry maybe for xmas). The print will go until the layer where its supposed to pause flawlessly. Instead of then "pulling" the filament out which had a tendency to break the filament inside the hot end, I have been doing a reverse extrude with the motor for months w/o issues using Cura for a filament switch. Then I normally hold the extruding lever down and "fish" the new filament into the hot end until it stops, then I use the extruder motor in normal direction to feed it in till it starts to come out. Extrude about maybe an inch or two, wipe off and immediately go to control box and choose sd card / continue.