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I can't seem to find the size of that can...
Have you seen this:

Have you considered making different versions of this organiser to fit different can sizes?

Or make a 'midsection'?
You have a bottom part, and a top part, but it might be useful to be able to add extra layers to it for some product that you often use.

Parameterizing it might be an idea. Then it could be made to hold anything that's cylindrical, from cans and batteries to coin rolls and sweets... It would also make it possible for people to match it up to the depth of their shelves. Or to use different material thicknesses.
(I have a ShapeOko CnC router at home that can cut parts up to about 700x800mm or 27 x 31". cutting this out of 6mm or 1/4" Plywood should be pretty easy.)