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lol... I beg to differ. The cheapest I saw for a ShapeOko (I looked after I saw your first message) or the X-Carve, unless I am missing something, is $1000 up to about $1500. For a self-employed mechanic with no guaranteed income - some weeks are great, some no so great - a grand is a little much to spend on a luxury item. My Tarantula was only about $250. That, I can handle :)

I had been looking at the MillRight - https://www.millrightcnc.com/product-page/millright-m3-basic-kit - which is only about $300-400 for a basic kit - with the spindle - but I just can't bring myself to buy something that will just sit around. Long before I got my 3d printer, I built a large format (4'x8') CNC from plans in a book I found and I never could come up with anything to do with it. I finally sold it to a guy on eBay.

Back to the design, I used Sketchup to design it. I'm trying to learn Blender right now, but that ain't no way I am going to tackle OpenSCAD. That program is just too much like math for my tastes! I'll upload the source files and you can give it a go, if you'd like.