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Hi, it does retract but it sits about 1mm above the nozzle. Doesn't get in the way but it only seems to trigger about 1mm below the nozzle so it's really close either side.

It might be because it's a clone. I can alter the mount height for you if need, if you find yours different if you want to give it a go. You just need to make sure you have the same motherboard.. and add those pins.

I've been having a little think about the filament out sensor and will be looking to use the old z endstop.. so I might change the pins over so it uses the same socket as it does now.. will have to decide..

I would love to put the extruder fan onto an automatic pin but not sure how to yet.. it's connected directly to the 12v terminals on the PSU. Its not a massive problem just would like to be able to turn it off after a long print. If it's 12v (not checked) might be able to use one of them external MOSFET boards.. need to research some more....

I'm really pleased so far.. now with removable bed and auto level :-) if I can do the above two things and finish my enclosure this will be a fantastic printer :-)