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Yes, symptoms are the same. Extruder stops and axes continue to run. However, I am now having luck with longer prints. I've been able to get 2 of these clamp sets at about 4 hours without trouble.


I've been trying to get this spool holder to print few a few days and the most I can get is about 70%. Because of the 10 hour print time, I kept ending up going to bed and coming back to see it half-printed but the Z axis raised to the full height of the model.
I ended up using two half-finished ones.

To get the feet to print, I threw some of the half-finished prints underneath the feet to get the airflow up. I've ordered some upgraded fans and I'm going to try those this week. Also, I have the printer in an enclosure--cats love filament--and find keeping the door open all the time to be helpful.

Bench Dog Clamp Insert
spool holder Anycubic i3 Mega