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The settings seem reasonable. 29°C Enclosure temperature is well withing reason and cooler than I generally see after 3 hours. If the ambient temperature is the only factor causing the clogs, then the MMU feature is running on the edge of workable. Given Pursa's fanatical attention to detail, I would be surprised if this is the case. Have you checked the E3Dv6 cooling fan for proper operation and also the air path around the hot end? Tg (glass transition Temperature or the temperature PLA begins to soften) is 55-60°C... a far cry form the ambient temperature you are seeing.

The fan I selected is noisy but compact. I run my fan at about 80% max RPM and this quiets it substantially. I played around a little with larger diameter fans but them became an issue given the physical space constraints I have. The Noctura Fans have a good reputation of acoustics but I have not tried one in this application yet.