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First of all greetings from Belgium.
In attachment the pictures of the boat and parts I bought for this boat.
Almost everything is bought on Aliexpress, to keep the cost a little low. :)

I print everything at a 0.1mm layer in PLA, glued everything together with Loctite instant adhesive.
Boat was coated with XTC 3D and sanded and varnished.
Still need some more sanding and varnish to smoothen it a little.

I drawn som pieces myself in inventor, like some plates to fit the battery, lipo alarm, ESC and a holder for the ESC's on/off switch.
Also made a tunnel for over the shaft, because the grease could not fly all over my boat.
There will always be some grease that fly out of the tubing wherin the shaft turns.
There is also a plate to close the nose piece, so in case the boat makes water i have a large air bubble in the nose.

Already tested the boat on rough water with 2 types of props.
A 3-blade prop doesn't work at all!
With a 2-blad the boat achieved a decent speed (as can be seen in the video).
I’ve ordered some more props to test and also a 4mm shaft and larger props to give a try.

The battery I use is a 3S 2200mAh as can be seen in the pictures.
I have the idea that this battery is really fast dead, so ordered a new one and one of 5000mAh.

Motor is a GoolRC 4300KV with 60A ESC.
Bought a simple ESC programmer card to check the settings.
The connecting piece between the motor and shaft I’d used was a cross coupling to take the miss alignment.
But this creates a wobble and not so smooth energy transfer, so I will replace it with a direct coupling as can be seen in the pictures.

I’m now waiting on a water cooling jacket for my motor and the pins to close the hood wherefore I bought the body clips.

My apologies for my bad English, if you want to know some more and specific details please feel free to ask. I will answer but it might take some time 
If you need more links of the pieces a bought on Aliexpress let me know and I will share what you need. If you want STL of CAD files of the parts I’ve drawn just let me know.

Kind regards,