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I don't have a video currently but I can post one. The key switch springs back from the start position to the both position as it would in a real Cessna.

The letters and markings on the panel are made with a laser cutter. All of the panels here (https://github.com/allanglen/c172-flight-sim-panel) are made with the same technique.

1) Cut white acrylic with a laser cutter (I use http://ebay.to/2kDLgY0)
2) Spray paint the acrylic black (I use https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/painters-touch-2x-ultra-cover/matte)
3) Raster engrave the painted panel with the laser cutter. This removes the top layer of paint and a thin layer of acrylic leaving white exposed. The translucency of the acrylic also makes it easy to back light the markings.