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V6 of the regular shroud is the latest. It's similar in shape to the current MK3 shroud and cools the best out of the designs I've uploaded. V2 of the C Shroud is the latest in that style which was supposed to bring more air to the back of the print beyond the pinda probe. Sadly it just isn't designed well enough to move enough air back behind the print so in essence it's total cooling potential isn't as good. I posted these without a ton of testing and in my situation my room temp is cooler than most as I print at my studio at around 19-20C. I have a little advantage that way so I uploaded all the designs so people could test and give feedback. I've done dozens of overhang tests and the V6 shroud is the BEST out of the bunch and better than the included shroud. The downfall being I designed it to MY printer and my nozzle is a little lower than some so it's a very tight fit and I need to redesign it a little higher.