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Thanks for the tip on using Armadillo filament. I hadn't heard of this, but it looks like it prints and reasonable temperatures, has low shrinkage (warping), and is actually a little stiffer than PLA (important for structural parts). It's yield strength is not as high as PLA, but the added toughness may make up for that. It's main drawback, though, might be it's heat deflection temperature which appears to be lower than that for PLA. Polycarbonate would be a great material, however its high printing temperature and greater shrinkage make it more difficult for the uninitiated to print with. We'll be doing more testing with the PLA and see exactly what failures we run into. I've also got a version of this swerve drive that is nearly identical, but that uses the machined steel slew bearing from my first swerve drive, if it turns out bearing failure is the main issue.