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i printed
1x "Scout_Tower_Corner_Closed_Modular_CastlePlayset-_3D-printable_By_CreativeTools.se"
1x "Wall_Large_Modular_CastlePlayset-_3D-printable_By_CreativeTools.se"
1x "Butterfly_Joint_x16_Modular_CastlePlayset-_3D-printable_ByCreativeTools.se"
from the zip "3DCastlePlayset
-_Wall_components " with Cura.

But the they dont fit together. The Butterfly Connector is somehow to short, so there is no place left between, the wall and the Tower to tuck them together.

Some other Guy (theadam on Jun 6, 2017 ) wrote the same Problem here.
But does someone have an suggestion why it is so? And how to solve this?