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Some great work here Elzariant.

Would be good to get a fan on the other side as well to increase the cooling (there is a lot of drop off in the fan output through this duct), also would be good to see it with dual 4010 blower fans to reduce the overall size and get better through put on the fans through the ducts as they have a much higher static pressure without the noise of a full blower (say one on each side leaving space where the fan is presently on the end for sensor). Pretty please for the dual 4010 blower fans :)

If you are still working on the files please add some fillets to the divider channels edges/joints in front of the fan as this will significantly reduce the turbulence at the start of the ducts improving the amount of flow through them.

Would also be a great addition for deltas if you dropped the heatbreak fan back to 30mm and used the standard E3D V6 30mm fan mounting height for the max overall height of the duct. Ideally you should only need to do the Volcano as this is the most likely candidate for the delta's (pretty please for one of these to replace the poor system on the Tevo Little Monsters, mock up effector https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2750830 ).

Tevo Little MOnster Effector
by Cinpro