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Thanks for the reply. I sliced the same 20mm stl file in 4 different locations on the bed. Here is an example of the error Thronny generated. The code stops after the first file.:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\roko11\Documents\Downloads\MPSCARA_Mostly_Printed_SCARA_Robot_2487048\files\V1.1_Software\Gcode_Translator.py", line 91, in find_angles
thetaA = thetaC + h * math.acos((c2 + a2 - b*2)/(2c*a))
ValueError: math domain error

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\roko11\Documents\Downloads\MPSCARA_Mostly_Printed_SCARA_Robot_2487048\files\V1.1_Software\Gcode_Translator.py", line 172, in
[thetaA,thetaB] = find_angles(x_new,y_new,settings,gn)
File "C:\Users\roko11\Documents\Downloads\MPSCARA_Mostly_Printed_SCARA_Robot_2487048\files\V1.1_Software\Gcode_Translator.py", line 95, in find_angles

  • " please resize or rearrange and try again.")
    SystemExit: File '20mm_3.g' attempts to go outside of build area, please resize or rearrange and try again.

I tried removing the names one at a time from the targets.txt file with the same results on the first file in the list then the script stops.
I did try the example file you have listed in the earlier comments and it did try to run. I don't have my extruder wired yet so I did a "dry" run.
It did go although the machine did seem jerky to me.
Also I don't seem to be able to make the rod sleeves run smoothly enough so I substituted with a paIr of LM8UU bearings stacked for each rod. Everything fit well and the Z-axis is much smoother with no sticking.. I just used netfabb and cut the ear off of the e-stop mount and used that as a clamp for the other side. The side with the arm fit great, there was an offset so both bearings (LM8UU) fit inside the 6002 at their junction. The only other mod I will make is to the base to make it sturdier and support the rods stiffer vertically.