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Thanx for the reply. I looked at the comments below and the solutions did not work out. Also I am Having trouble with the printing . I can home to the stops no problem,BUT I don't understand where 0,0 is from there. Are you looking at the bed from the tower closest to you? which puts 0,0 at the right of the tower .(endstops) That is completely the opposite of what I am used to with the other builds I have made.(Delta, CoreXY, Prusa derivative) The 0,0 was either center of bed (Delta) of left,front closest to me. In my minds eye the tower would be farthest away from me with 0,0 to my left-front. I tried a dry run with the 25mm test file and it wants to start in a place that does not make sense to me as far as coordinates displayed on screen and actual location. I also switched the X,Y motor and endstop connections which did not change anything. A labeled diagram as to what motor is what(X,Y) and a coordinate map layout would be good.I am not new to 3d printers but I am new to the SCARA iteration. Your input would be appreciated. Thanx.