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i3 mega Ultrabase - fan identification (refer to image)

Quoting facebook source:
Vlastimil Menšík

For those of you, who want to know, what fans are used in the Anycubic i3 Mega Ultrabase printer:
Power supply unit fan

  • 60x60x15mm
  • 12V@120mA (should be 150mA)
  • noisy

Board and stepper motor fan

  • 50x50x12mm
  • 12v@112mA (but should only be 100mA)
  • silent

Print fan

  • 45x45x10.4mm, radial fan
  • 12V@190mA (should be 260mA)
  • noisy and high air pressure
  • according to datasheet - BFB04512HHA - it has 3.5CFM

Hot end fan

  • 40x40x11mm
  • 12V@109mA (should only be 65mA)
  • noisy

All fans have two pins. The fans are in the same order as in the pictures.