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Just printed this, very nice design, love the part how the airpod's charging cable gets in there and sits there very nicely.

Although I do have couple of suggestions:

  • The hole for the watch charger didn't seem fit with my print. The radius may be too small by 2mm? I had to heat treat it and made a mess, but eventually I got it fitted in there.

  • The base could be thicker(and the openings for wires could be "deeper") to compensate for the extra protective wrappings of the watch charger: I kinda have to force the watch charger's cable in there and carefully set it on my table, if I ever lift the stand, the cable will come out from the openings and I have to manually stick it back in again.

I got one of the wireless chargers off ebay with the same shape and design as well, but mine keeps on overheating. Had to use another brand's wireless charger and taped it onto the back. All and all, I gotta say, this dock is very well designed.