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So I've had my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus for a few months now.
I have modified it with my E3D effector and belt tensioning carriages.
I like the E3D clones that I buy on Ebay. I use them with my Anycubic and my DaVinci Pro.
When I was printing long flat objects in PLA on the Anycubic Delta, I was getting corner curl, like it was ABS.
I was amazed. I didn't know PLA did that. I asked some questions, someone recommended making some tiny slices in the corners and that helped. Someone else recommended PETG, they said it printed like PLA, was strong and heat resistant like ABS, and didn't curl. I bought a small roll and tried it. I bought a couple more rolls. I like it. I am printing kind of slow with PETG, 40 mm/s at 235.
I am getting a lot of build up around the nozzle. It will eventually clump up and then deposit itself somewhere in the print, making a big uneven blob.
I am using my normal old .4 mm nozzles that I use with PLA and ABS. Should I be using stainless steel nozzles for PETG? Or am I too hot? Or a different size nozzle? I like the material but the build up and blobs are getting annoying. This doesn't happen with PLA, only PETG.
Thanks in advance